Cleaning the Eye

  • The operated eye should be cleaned at least twice a day.

  • The attendant performing this task should wash the hands with soap and water and dry them with a clean towel.

  • You may use disposable tissues supplied at the hospital for this purpose. Alternately, you may place cotton in a clean vessel, cover it, with a lid for 10 minutes, let it cool down, take the cotton out, squeeze the excess water and use the same to clean.

  • Cleaning the lower lid is done by asking the patient to look up and wiping all the secretions sticking to the lower lid margin.

  • Cleaning the upper lid is done by asking the patient to look down and doing the similar procedure.

  • Similarly, the outer and inner corners of the eye are cleaned.

  • Once the margins and corners are cleaned, the eye drops can be applied and then the surrounding areas can also be cleaned.

Applying Medications in the Eye

  • The attendant should wash his/her hands with soap and water.

  • The cap of the eye drop bottle should be opened carefully without contaminating the tip of the nozzle. Replace the cap of the bottle immediately after use.

  • Pull the lower lid and place the drop between the eyeball and the lid by squeezing the bottle.

  • Wipe away excess medicine that may trickle out, after asking the patient to gently close the eye.

  • The eyes should be kept closed for a period of 5 minutes after the drop is applied.

  • Always apply drops before applying the ointment.

  • Leave a period of at least 5 minutes between two medications.

  • Make sure that the right drops are being used for the right number of times.

  • Unused eye medication, once opened, is discarded and should never be used for another person.

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