Dr. Maha specializes in anterior segment diseases (Refractive surgery, corneal diseases, cataract and glaucoma) as well as medical retinal diseases.


  • Refractive Surgery: Dr. Maha utilizes her vast knowledge and experience to advise, select and perform the surgery method of choice (Lasik, PRK, TPRK) that most fit her patients’ needs to correct vision abnormalities.


  • Corneal Diseases: at the clinic, Dr. Maha treats all sorts of corneal diseases from the simple infection to the most complicated ailments affecting the cornea including injuries. She has a great experience in corneal transplant surgeries, Keratoconus management including cross-linking.

  • Cataract: utilizing the most recent and up-to-date technologies, Dr. Maha advises and operates on her patients to relieve decreased vision resulting from opacified lenses (cataract). She uses the newly offered phaco emulsifying method that provides patients with clean surgeries and quick recovery, with excellent vision gain by using the most advanced intraocular lenses.


  • Glaucoma: Dr. Maha treats increased intra-ocular pressure, medically or surgically depending on the patient’s needs, causes and course of the disease.


  • Medical Retinal Diseases: medically treating retina affliction is a passion for Dr. Maha; that includes the long term management of diabetic retinopathies and age related degeneration among other causes. She has extensive experience in Argon laser treatments and intravitreal injections.



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